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Entry $50 Senior - $20 Junior (With Registration Pack $120 Senior - $90 Junior)

Terms For Deni Fishing Classic 2020 (Early Bird)

23rd Annual Deniliquin Fishing Classic Rules And Regulations

1. Regulations

Fishing may be from boat or river bank.

1. Boating regulations as per N.S.W. Maritime
2. Anglers must have a current N.S.W. Fishing Licence unless they are under 18, an adult assisting a person under 18 , ( the adult must NOT be fishing), an Aboriginal person, a pensioner with a current pensioner concession card. Licences can be purchased on line at the Department of Primary Industries site or at HQ before you commence fishing.
3. Two attended rods only.
4. No illegal bait and equipment to be used or disqualification will apply.
5. The Committee reserves the right to inspect any equipment or bait used by the competitor and eject any competitor for misconduct.
6. Boats and equipment are the responsibility of the owner/s.
7. Children are the responsibility of their parents and/or guardians.
8. It is Law that children Must wear life jackets in boats.
9. Could all contestants please travel at respectable speed to respect other fisher persons on river or bank.
10. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry without reason.

2. Measuring Fish

1. This is a Catch and Release competition.
2. An officially approved Brag Mat must be used to measure all fish. All photos must be submitted within the times nominated. Entrants card must be clearly seen in the photo. Photos must comply with the information provided in your registration pack.
3. All fish are to be released according to the information in your kit, with the exception of Carp which are to be placed in the Carp bins provided.
4. Organisers reserve the right to inspect all photos.
5. Participants are requested to take photos of all fish, regardless of size and send through to HQ. This information is sent to Fisheries to assist in research into fish numbers and the health of the river. Under legal size fish are not eligible for prizes.
6. If there is no card or the card number is illegible in the photo the catch will be disqualified.
7. In the event of a tie, the angler that caught the earliest fish will be deemed the winner.
8. Competition Boundaries. Fishing must be within the nominated boundaries designated by buoys. Please check supplied map or website for details.

3. Prizes and Give Aways

Anglers MUST be able to identify themselves with their card or tag to be eligible to collect prizes and giveaways.

4. Protests

Protest must be lodged in writing with a non-refundable amount of $50 no later than 15 minutes after FINAL presentations.

1. Committee's decision will be final.

5. Liability Exclusion and Indemnity

The entrant in this competition hereby acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Deniliquin RSL Fishing Club Classic may carry the possibility of accident or injuries to the person or property and that risk is hereby accepted and further the entrant hereby indemnifies the Deniliquin RSL Fishing Club, its officials, servants, agents and sponsors against any claims for damage costs or interest arising out of the negligent or omissions by the entrant.

1. Any person taking part in the event shall indemnify the officials and organisers and any other entrants for injuries loss or damage claims what so ever.
2. Junior competitors aged 15 years & under on the first day of competition are not permitted to enter the Adult Section and are only eligible to enter the Junior Section.

23rd Annual Deniliquin Fishing Classic Prizes

CHAMPION ANGLER: Longest native fish – Open to All categories

MALE: Longest Murray Cod
MALE: Longest Golden Perch
MALE: Longest Carp

FEMALE: Longest Murray Cod
FEMALE: Longest Golden Perch
FEMALE: Longest Carp

JUNIOR: Longest Murray Cod
JUNIOR: Longest Golden Perch
JUNIOR: Longest Carp

KAYAK: Mystery Cod
KAYAK: Mystery Carp
KAYAK: Mystery Golden Perch
KAYAK: Mystery Length known by Chief Marshal only

OPEN SECTION – CHAMPION ANGLER: The angler who catches the longest native fish
OPEN SECTION – CARP DRAW: Each angler who catches a carp receives a card to be entered into a barrel

RANDOM GIVE AWAYS: Open to all categories

EARLY BIRD ENTRY: Open to entries received prior to Monday 10th February, 2020, 6PM